What we believe

Our purpose

Every day, we bring a
energy to life

Vytalogy’s mission is

To create a
modernwellness company

that fuses science and quality ingredients into highly-efficacious products that make a transformative impact on our consumers’ lives.

Woman doing a superman pose

Our values

We live for our

We listen hard to our consumers, because we want to make their lives genuinely better. We’re developing an environment of ingenuity and agility, responding to not only what consumers demand today, but also what they’ll want tomorrow. We want our products to be the first ones that consumers reach for every morning and the last ones they reach for every night.

We live to cultivate

Our goal is to build a strong and dynamic space where everyone feels valued for who they are and empowered to thrive. Diversity will always be our strength. Open communication and collaboration among our people, customers, partners and consumers are essential. We have a deep responsibility to the communities we’re part of and seek to transform.

We live toinnovate
better products

Disrupting the status quo is what we love to do. We combine our passion for invention with a commitment to high standards, experimenting and iterating with a purposeful goal of making each and every one of our vitamins, minerals, and supplements work better and better.

We live up to high

Maintaining an environment of trust makes it easy to do the right thing. We stay on the high road by prizing humility and integrity, open communication and good-faith intentions, putting ourselves in the other person’s shoes and never passing the buck.

We live to deliverexceptional results

We strive to win every day, and we won’t rest until we’ve outperformed what we accomplished the year, the week, the day before. And when we win, we all win together.